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 Specialized Extraction Techniques 

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Premium concentrates are the best brand builders 

to keep customers coming back for more!

Breaking Dab Lab creates true

connoisseur-grade concentrates as well as meat and potatoes production grade products to fulfill every opportunity effectively, efficiently, and consistently.

These products require specialized training to create. 

Contact us today to learn how we can help you... 


live rosin.jpg


Made from fresh frozen-derived ice water hash, live rosin is a high caliber solventless product that has taken the high end concentrate market by storm.


Live rosin is among the most expensive and sought after of all concentrates.


Full Melt

Bubble Hash

Known as the choice of true connoisseurs, solventless full melt or 6 star bubble hash is comprised of only the finest isolated trichomes from premium, fresh frozen cannabis plants.

True full melt resin is prized for its flavor and effects and is a surefire brand builder with local enthusiasts.

rosin sauce.jpg

Rosin Sauce

Diamonds and terpenes aren’t just made with hydrocarbons – they are made via solventless methods, too. Rosin sauce is an exotic rosin product comprised of mechanically separated terpenes and THCA isolate crystals. This type of rosin provides an incredible amount potency and aroma.


THCA Isolate

THCA is a potent cannabinoid that is isolated either by solventless means or distillation and has applications in all kinds of products, from rosin sauce to vape cartridges and more. THCA crystals are the diamonds in rosin sauce and other products.

live resin.jpg

Live Resin

One of the most popular products today, live resin is a hydrocarbon concentrate that is made exclusively from fresh frozen plant material. This adds a quality that gives the extract a much closer terpene profile and flavor to fresh cannabis, which is highly desirable for consumers and businesses alike. Live resin can be made in a variety of different textures, profiles, and potency levels.

terp sauce.jpeg


Known as “High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract”, HTFSE is the acronym given to live resin sauce, which is a full terpene, nearly liquid extraction. This is done with hydrocarbon processing and yields some of the most flavorful and appealing of all BHO products available by recombining single source terpenes with their original THC diamonds and cannabinoids. HTFSE is among the most expensive of all hydrocarbon extracts.



This stands for “High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract”, which relates to the potency of the product where HCFSE takes the form of hydrocarbon extracted “diamonds”. These beautiful crystals are incredibly potent, requiring tremendous skill and care to cultivate properly. When done correctly with our expert methods, HCFSE yields cannabinoid crystals that look like they should be in a museum!



A refinement of Cannabis to its highest potency, clarity and cleanliness.

Edibles; 100% bio-active ready to consume.
Topicals; 100% bio-active ready to apply.
Smoke/Vape; 100% ready to consume in any form of smoke or vape.

cbd crude.jpg

Wholesale  Crude Oil

Also known as Rick Simpson Oil, RSO. 

The decarboxylated cannabis is thoroughly extracted using alcohol. The alcohol is gently removed by boiling under vacuum, leaving behind only CBD/ THC, terpenes and other extracted plant compounds. 









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