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About Us

Your Cannabis Science Experts

The Breaking Dab Lab Team is a Toll Processing Company that has been immersed in the Cannabis Industry for over 2 decades. Starting in Colorado, and California and setting up their main base of operations in Oregon. Their expertise comes from years of hands on scientific discovery and development. 

The Breaking Dab Lab Team is proud to support all of our great producers!

The Breaking Dab Lab Team offers a wide selection of Consultation Expertise on All

Cannabis Science Methodology Including:

  • Lab Science

  • A-Z Lab Setup 

  • Lab Acquisitions/ Buildouts

  • Engineering

  • Operations and SOP's

  • Data Collection and Documentation

  • Sustainability/ Profitability

  • Compliancy

  • Product Development/ Market Strategy

  • Package, Label, Production

  • Sales/ Distribution

  • Website/ Online Presence, Social Media

  • Butane 

  • CO2 

  • Ethanol

  • Cryogenics

  • Specializing in Terpene Science and Preservation   


What makes us


The main force behind Breaking Dab Lab is a deep desire to help individuals achieve their goals of superior cannabis products. Whether you’re a new producer looking to start or experienced veteran looking to go vertical, we can Help! Each client is individually evaluated and given a comprehensive plan to help you reach your goals.

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