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Dippin Dabs Terpenes!

  • Highly refined Supercritical Co2 Extracted Cannabis Terpenes
  • Comes in amber glass dropper vial
  • Terpenes- are the heart of the Cannabis Experience called the Entourage effect
  • Terpenes determine the type of experience when ingested with THC or CBD
  • Up the value and the experience of any other cannabis product with the addition of these pure and highly refined true cannabis terpenes.
  • Can be added or mixed with any cannabis product or simply inhale the aromas from the vial for effect 


How to use:

  • Drip or Dip Dippin' Dabs on to your favorite extracts and vape
  • Drip or Dip them onto your joints.
  • Drip or Dip on your flower or in your bowl.
  • Drip on ANYTHING you can smoke or vape!!!


Add flavor and experience thru the Entourage Effect of all those wonderful Terpenes!

Taste the Rainbow!


Contact your local dispensaries for pricing.


Dippin' Dabs by Breaking Dab

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