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Live Resin Extract Dabbables

  • Contain Live Resin Extracts
  • Highly refined pure Live Resin and Terpenes
  • Designed as a multi-use cannabis product easily dispersed and consumable in various ways


How to use:

  • Drip Dabs on to your dab tool and vape as normal through any vaporizing apparatus.
  • Dab oil onto joints, papers or both.
  • Dab oil on to flower for an amazing bowl experience.
  • Use in combinations anyway conventional cannabis would be used for amazing and diverse experiences.
  • Convient no spill, no waste design.


For best experience and easy dispertion, warm in hands for 30 sec to a minute, depending on surrounding temperature, longer if cold- (under 50 deg F). 


For an even better experience - Try mixing with Dippin Dabs Terpenes!

Taste the Rainbow!


Contact your local dispensaries for pricing.


Live Resin Dabbables by Breaking Dab

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